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 49 episodes, 3 seasons
United States (2005-????)
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Episode 1 of "Bones"
s01e01 Pilot

Title: Pilot

Original Air Date: 09/13/2005 on Fox

Director: Greg Yaitanes
Writer: Hart Hanson

Guest Stars: Katherine Ann McGregor (Mrs. Bethlehem), Bonita Friedericy (Sharon Eller), Dominic Fumusa (Peter St. James), Larry Poindexter (Sen. Bethlehem), Jeff Witzke (FBI Agent #2), Tyrees Allen (Ted Eller), Charles Janasz (Reverend), Chris Conner (Oliver Laurier), John Sterling Carter (FBI Director), Sam Trammell (Ken Thompson), Billy Briggs (Airport Clerk), Yun Choi (FBI Agent #1), Naja Hill (Cleo Eller), Dave Roberson (Homeland Security), Damian T. Raven (Uniformed Security)

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Plot Outline:

Based on the real-life experiences and best-selling works of novelist-forensic anthropologist Kathy Reichs who solves crimes using evidence supplied by skeletal remains. The show follows Dr. Temperance Brennan, a bones specialist, doing her best to solve crimes for the FBI and Homeland security. In the pilot, Dr. Temperance is met with the task of uncovering the identity of a set of bones, which have been deliberately hidden in a lake. However, after identifying the bones, imprisoning the murderer turns out to be a politically sticky business. Special Agent Seely Booth, Bones' 'friend' bails her out of police custody, and she deduces the fact that it was a set up to get her to talk to him. Although nothing is said on the matter, it could be seen that the two may have had some relationship history, but this is just an assumption. Seely informs Bones of a peculiar set of bones found at the bottom of a lake in a graveyard. After viewing the bones (via an underwater camera), Bones declares that it is, in fact, a murder scene.

Episode Pictures:

Bones photo 1 (episode s01e01) Bones photo 2 (episode s01e01) Bones photo 3 (episode s01e01) Bones photo 4 (episode s01e01)
Bones photo 5 (episode s01e01) Bones photo 6 (episode s01e01) Bones photo 7 (episode s01e01) Bones photo 8 (episode s01e01)


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