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  Relic hunter
 66 episodes, 3 seasons
Canada (1999-2002)
Canceled/Ended in 2002

Episodes of "Relic hunter"

Season 1 :

s01e01   Buddha's Bowl
s01e02   Smoking Gun
s01e03   The Headless Nun
s01e04   Flag Day
s01e05   Thank You Very Much
s01e06   Diamond In The Rough
s01e07   Transformation
s01e08   Etched In Stone
s01e09   The Book of Love
s01e10   The Myth of the Maze
s01e11   Irish Crown Affair
s01e12   The Emperor's Bride
s01e13   Afterlife And Death
s01e14   Nine Lives
s01e15   Affaire de Coeur
s01e16   A Vanishing Art
s01e17   A Good Year
s01e18   The Last Knight
s01e19   Love Letter
s01e20   Possessed
s01e21   Nothing but the Truth
s01e22   Memories of Montmartre

Season 2 :

s02e01   The Put Back
s02e02   Dagger of Death
s02e03   Last of the Mochicas
s02e04   The Legend of the Lost
s02e05   Fertile Ground
s02e06   Gypsy Jigsaw
s02e07   Three Rivers To Cross
s02e08   Roman Holiday
s02e09   Cross of Voodoo
s02e10   Lost Contact
s02e11   The Real Thing
s02e12   M.I.A.
s02e13   Out of the Past
s02e14   Eyes of Toklamanee
s02e15   Run Sydney Run
s02e16   French Connection
s02e17   Don't Go Into The Woods
s02e18   Midnight Flight
s02e19   Executioner's Mask
s02e20   The Royal Ring
s02e21   Set in Stone
s02e22   Deadline

Season 3 :

s03e01   Wages of Sydney
s03e02   Mr. Right
s03e03   Sydney at Ten
s03e04   The Light of Truth
s03e05   Treasure Island
s03e06   Star of Nadir
s03e07   Vampire's Kiss
s03e08   Devil Doll
s03e09   Incognito
s03e10   All Choked Up
s03e11   Warlock of Nu Theta Phi
s03e12   Women Want to Know
s03e13   Fire in the Sky
s03e14   Hunting with the Enemy
s03e15   Antianeiral
s03e16   Under the Ice
s03e17   Arthur's Cross
s03e18   Faux Fox
s03e19   Pandora's Box
s03e20   The Warlord
s03e21   Fountain of Youth
s03e22   So Shall it Be


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