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 88 episodes, 4 seasons
United States (1999-2004)
Canceled/Ended in 2004

Episode 34 of "Farscape"
s02e12 Look at the Princes (I Do, I Think)

Title: Look at the Princes (I Do, I Think)

Original Air Date: 07/28/2000 on Sci-Fi Channel

Plot Outline:

Now married, Crichton and Katalla are frozen into living statues so that they may watch over the presiding goverment's of the next eighty cycles. Immediately, Clavor and the Scarran emissary attempt another assanation and sucseed in removing Crichton's head. Empress Novia threatens to kill all off-worlders putting D'Argo, Chiana and Rygel in danger. Finding Crichton's head is now a matter of life or death.


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