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 88 episodes, 4 seasons
United States (1999-2004)
Canceled/Ended in 2004

Episode 26 of "Farscape"
s02e04 Crackers Don't Matter

Title: Crackers Don't Matter

Original Air Date: 04/07/2000 on Sci-Fi Channel

Plot Outline:

The crew returns from a Commerce Planet with a load of Crackers and a meek alien called Traltixx, who promises he can alter Moya's electromagnets to make her untraceable Crichton is skeptical... it seems too good to be true. As they pass through a constellation of pulsars, an intense paranoia affects the crew, turning them violently again each other. Crichton must fight again his own paranoid delusions to work out what Traltixx is actually doing and how to stop him.


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