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  Stargate Atlantis
 60 episodes, 3 seasons
United States (2004-????)
Returning Series

Episode 1 of "Stargate Atlantis"
s01e01 Rising (1/2)

Title: Rising (1/2)

Original Air Date: 07/16/2004 on Sci-Fi Channel

Director: Martin Wood
Writer: Brad Wright, Robert C. Cooper

Guest Stars: Michael Shanks (Dr. Daniel Jackson), Garwin Sanford (Simon), Aaron Dudley (Male Ancient), Peter Grasso (Scientist), Ona Grauer (Ancient), Casey Dubois (Wex), Dan Payne (Wraith Warrior), Reece Thompson (Jinto), Dan Shea (Sgt. Siler), Melia McClure (Hologrammatic Female Ancient), Robert Patrick (Colonel Marshall Sumner), Bro Gilbert (Scientist), Edmond Wong (Atlantis Technician), James Lazfanos (Male Wraith), Stefano Colacitti (Toran), David Milchard (SGC Technician), Mary Joan Buchanan (Beckettt's Mom)

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Plot Outline:

The discovery of an amazing city left behind by the Ancients in the most unlikely of places, leads a new Stargate team to the distant Pegasus galaxy. Once there, the new team encounters a planet of primitive humans being decimated by a terrible alien race - the Wraith.

Episode Pictures:

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Stargate Atlantis photo 5 (episode s01e01) Stargate Atlantis photo 6 (episode s01e01) Stargate Atlantis photo 7 (episode s01e01) Stargate Atlantis photo 8 (episode s01e01)


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