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  Odyssey 5
 20 episodes, 1 season
United States (2002-2002)
Canceled/Ended in 2002

The serie "Odyssey 5"

The serie "Odyssey 5":

Odyssey 5 begins during a routine space mission, when the orbiting shuttle crew witnesses a catastrophic event on Earth: a violent cataclysm blasts the planet Earth to dust. The only survivors: the five-member crew of the space shuttle. Stranded in space, the oxygen supply is rapidly dwindling. The astronauts prepare for death. At the last minute, a mysterious alien known as The Seeker rescues them. The Seeker reveals to the crew that countless advanced civilizations throughout the galaxy have met the same fate as the Earth. The Odyssey astronauts are the only survivors The Seeker has ever encountered. He divulges that there is still a chance to save the Earth.
Utilizing the vast technology at his disposal, The Seeker projects the astronauts into the past. The crew of the Odyssey must now relive the five years leading up to the Earth's destruction. For better or worse, they now have the ability, not only to save mankind, but also to alter the course of their own lives. Their knowledge of future events may allow them to change the course of their lives, prevent the deaths of loved ones and even get rich. But none of this will matter, unless they can determine who or what destroyed the world and stop it from happening again.



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