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 227 episodes, 10 seasons
United States (1995-2005)
Canceled/Ended in 2005

Episode 159 of "JAG"
s08e01 Critical Condition (3/3)

Title: Critical Condition (3/3)

Original Air Date: 09/24/2002 on CBS

Plot Outline:

The episode starts with a short recap of where we left off last season: Bud & PO Coates walking along a dirt road enroute to attend the ground-breaking of the new school, when they spot a small boy playing in a field that had yet to be cleared of mines. As Coates runs for help, there is an explosion behind her. She turns in time to see Bud injured in the explosion and runs to his side. Coates insists that Bud must be transported on the helo that brought them in, that Bud won't be able to wait for the proper medevac chopper. Bud is airlifted to a field hospital, critical, but still alive. As luck would have it, ZNN reporter Stuart Dunston just happens to be at the base camp when Bud is brought it. Dunston reports the arrival of an injured JAG officer that was brought it, but does not report the name. Chegwiggen advises Harriet, but reminds her he is still on the Seahawk. She tries to contact him by instant messaging, but does not receive a reply. Onboard the USS Seahawk, Harm & Mac prepare to meet Sturgis for their trip back to the states. Before they can leave, they are notified that Bud is being transferred to the USS Guadalcanal medical facility. Harm contacts the Admiral to notify him about Bud and requests permission to stay behind. The JAG staff at HQ is stunned when they hear the latest ZNN report about Bud: That he was trying to save the life of a young child, who already knew the precise location of the mines and wasn't in any real danger. Harm & Mac transfers to the Guadalcanal against order and is briefed by PO Coates. Bud's younger brother Mikey arrives at Harriet's home and finds her very anguished. Mikey tries to get her mind off of things by keeping her busy. During Bud's second operation for his leg, his heart stops and doesn't respond doesn't respond to the resuscitation attempts. The doctor pronounces Bud dead. When the doctor tries to break the news to Harm, Mac & Coates, she is notified that his heart just "kick-started" by itself. Later, she tells Harm & Mac that Bud is quite the fighter and in stable condition. The two of them share an emotional moment together upon hearing that news. Meanwhile, the SecNav is grilled by Senate Intelligence Committee over his decision to have JAG single-handedly conduct the field investigation into the threats posed by Kabir.


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