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 227 episodes, 10 seasons
United States (1995-2005)
Canceled/Ended in 2005

Episode 158 of "JAG"
s07e24 Enemy Below (2/3)

Title: Enemy Below (2/3)

Original Air Date: 05/21/2002 on CBS

Plot Outline:

Admiral Chegwidden, Lt. Singer & Cmdr. Turner move over to the Pentagon War Room to easily coordinate & share intelligence information on Kabir Atef's planned attack on the U.S. When an Afghan school is destroyed in a bombing raid, Bud & PO2 Coates fly to the scene to survey the damage. Once there, he promises to the locals that the US will re-build the school. Meanwhile, Harm & Mac are still in Afghanistan attempting to pick up Kabir's trail, still looking for the mysterious truck that disappeared during a raid. ("In Country"). They come under fire, but are unhurt. Once they repair the damage to the vehicle caused by the gunfire, they continue driving all night and find an abandoned truck that appears to be the one they're looking for. They find the driver dead of suspected origin. Continuing onto the next village, they find villagers in the same condition. A medical team is brought in and they determine that the villagers are suffering from radiation poisoning. Mac & Harm have also been exposed and are flown to the Seahawk to be checked out by the doctors onboard. Harm realizes that all of the radiation victims are Chechen and theorizes that its the same people who killed Cmdr. Akin ("Capital Crimes") whose confession led them to weapons-grade uranium. They believe that the US did not recover all of it, the excess smuggled to Afghanistan. The uranium was unshielded, which would explain the radiation poisoning. Satellite images indicate that a Russian submarine owned by Iran has slipped away out of port undetected. Cmdr. Turner realizes that Captain Yeratsov is at the helm of that sub, most likely in the Persian Gulf, heading for the Arabian Sea. Sturgis requests to be transferred out to the USS Watertown, the closest sub in the area to help track down the sub. He is flown to the Watertown, but Cmdr. Flagler is resistant to having him onboard. CIA Agent Webb meets with a suspected Iran agent working for the Pakistan Embassy in Afghanistan to find out why $250 million dollars was wired to Russia through Iran. With that, Webb is quickly shown the door. Through a bug that Webb left behind, Webb listens in on a phone conversation that the agent makes to Deputy Defense Minister of Iran. They learn that the $250 million was spent for a Russian SS-25 cruise missile which has been retrofitted onto the sub that the Watertown is tracking. Bud, back on the Seahawk, is requested to draw up revised Rules of Engagement for the Seahawk battle group in case their attacked. His original Rules were written for a torpedo attack. Now that a cruise missile is involved, the rules are woefully inadequate, especially since the missile probably contains the unshielded uranium. Harm & another F-14 pilot is selected to attempt to shoot down the cruise missile if launched. When the Watertown engages, the Russian sub is destroyed, but not before the missile is launched. The F-14's intercept the missile 10 miles from the Seahawk, but can't shoot it down as it would kill everyone in the Seahawk battle group. Harm gets in front of the missile to get the missile to lock onto him and lead it away. The ploy works and the missile runs out of fuel and drops into the ocean without exploding. Back in Afghanistan, Bud & PO2 Coates are walking along the road toward where the new school will be built. Bud notices a small child standing alone in a field that hasn't been cleared of land mines. While PO2 Coates goes to get help, Bud yells to the child, but keeps walking toward him. Bud steps on a metal plate, causing an explosion. Bud is seen injured on his back with his right leg gone at the knee.


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