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 227 episodes, 10 seasons
United States (1995-2005)
Canceled/Ended in 2005

Episode 62 of "JAG"
s04e01 Gypsy Eyes (2/2)

Title: Gypsy Eyes (2/2)

Original Air Date: 09/22/1998 on CBS

Plot Outline:

Having been shot at by Russian fighters, Mac & Harm are forced to eject from their plane, which then noses into the bottom of a very deep lake. The Russians announce to the world that Harm & Mac have been killed, which is broadcasted back to the USA by ZNN reporter Chuck DePalma. Webb tries to convince the Admiral that they have been killed, but when A.J. learns their bodies haven't been found, A.J. becomes irate and vows to go to Moscow himself to look for them. The SecNav orders A.J. not to go, who replies that the SecNav doesn't want to try & stop him. In Russia, A.J. meets with DePalma who tells A.J. that he doesn't believe the Russians, that certain things in their story don't add up. In the woods, a husband & wife gypsies come across Harm & Mac. They are disappointed when they learn that Harm & Mac are not American Spies as at least the spies have gold coins to give to Russians that help them. Mac states they don't have gold coins, but shows them a wad of US dollars and asks if that will do, which of course it does. The gypsies take Harm & Mac into the back of their covered wagon. Overhead, Maj. Sokol/Falcon flying in a helicopter is searching for Harm & Mac. He asks the gypsies if they have seen an American man & woman and they deny it. Staying with the gypsies, they learn that the female gypsy has the talent for predicting the future. She becomes upset when she dreams that she is being raped by Russian soldiers and Harm rushes to her defense, who kills 3 of the soldiers before dying himself. Harm & Mac change into clothing provided by the gypsies to blend it. They are then taken to a train station to arrange travel to Beloyka. However, Sokol/Falcon show up with soldiers and block off both ends of the train platform. Over a loudspeaker, he yells to Harm & Mac to come out of hiding, that they are in grave danger and that he can protect them. Harm is reluctant to go with him, but Mac convinces him to trust him. They then stand up turning themselves in. Back at a military base in Moscow, Webb, Agent McGill, Alexei & A.J. are sitting in a car just outside the fence. Webb explains that there has been a power struggle within former members of the KGB, one of which is suspected of selling several nuclear warheads to a rogue country. The question is whether it is either Col. Parlovsky or Maj. Sokol. Webb says that they intercepted a transmission for Parlovsky to meet Sokol at the base. Webb further states that if Harm & Mac are on the incoming chopper, then the KGB rogue is Parlovsky. If they are not on it, the rogue is Maj. Sokol. A.J. is upset that Webb has not given Harm/Mac the full story of what they were walking into. Webb counters that he has sent people into danger all the time, so there isn't any difference. A.J. counters that at least the people he sent into danger, knew all about the risk they were getting into. A.J. threatens Webb that if Harm/Mac have been hurt in any way, A.J. will make Webb's life very difficult. Col. Parlovsky drives through the gate onto the base tarmac. Very shortly afterwards, a helicopter lands with Maj. Sokol getting out. When they don't see Harm & Mac, A.J. assumes the worst. However, after the chopper lifts off, we see Harm & Mac who had got off the chopper on the opposite side. Webb confirms that must make Parlovsky the rogue. A.J. insists they go on it, but Webb hesistates, stating they need to know for sure. When Parlovsky's driver opens the trunk and appear to remove a weapon, A.J. reaches over to the driver side and punches the accelerator, crashing their vehicle through the gate. A gun battle then ensues, with Parlovsky & his driver being killed, as well as Maj. Sokol taking a bullet, but will live. Harm & Mac are surprised to see the Admiral & Webb there. Harm asks Webb what he is doing there, with A.J. replying, "Getting decked" and punches Webb in the face. Harm & Mac is led to a village in rural Russia and meets up with an elderly lady who recounts a story to Harm, with Mac acting as an interpreter. She states that when she saw Harm Jr., she realized that he must be the son of a man that she & her brother took in many years ago. They never knew his name as he didn't speak Russian and no one they knew spoke english. One day, while bathing in the nearby creek, 4 Russian soldiers came upon her and decided to sexually assault her. She continues that this stranger heard her cries for help and picked up a gun and managed to shoot 3 of the soldiers before being killed by the 4th one. The lady's brother who was inspired by this strangers courage & bravery, managed to kill the 4th soldier. Her brother told her not too worry, that he would take care of burying the bodies so that they will never be found. Harm asks Mac to ask the lady where her brother is now so that he can find out where he buried his father and she replied that her brother died a couple of years ago. With his death, the exact burial spot of Harm, Sr. remains unknown. Harm Jr. though, looks out onto the surrounding hills, finally knowing where his father is and through tears, says his final good-byes to him.


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