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 227 episodes, 10 seasons
United States (1995-2005)
Canceled/Ended in 2005

Episode 61 of "JAG"
s03e24 To Russia with Love (1/2)

Title: To Russia with Love (1/2)

Original Air Date: 05/19/1998 on CBS

Plot Outline:

(The time is 1980, several Russian soldiers are guarding a prisoner who is Harmon Rabb, Sr. at a train station. The KGB take a photo of the persons gathered there - a photo which has made its way to Harmon Rabb, Jr. in the present time.) Clayton Webb meets with Harm at JAG and tells him who the men in the photo are. Webb mentions that one of them, Victor Lushov is now working in San Diego. Harm requests from the Admiral to take an F-14 hop to San Diego to visit his mother, keeping secret his true intentions. In San Diego, Harm meets with Lushov who turns out to be a Russian pilot who was instrumental interoggating Harm, Sr. after he was shot down over Vietnam, later befriending him. He tells Harm Jr. all about what happened to his father, that Harm Sr. fed all kinds of disinformation to the Russians, which was worse than telling them nothing. Lushov gives Harm Jr. the KGB file number for his father. And says he wants to live and will not repeat what he has said to anyone. Harm meets with his mother and shows her the photo and informs her that he is now going to Russia to search for his father. She tries to dissuade him, but knows he's going to go. His step-father tries to help by telling him that he will arrange for any amount of money he needs to be available to Harm in Russia. Back at JAG, Adm. Chegwidden is irate at being deceived when Harm requests leave to go to Russia. Knowing that Harm will not stop now that he has a strong scent the Admiral relents. Onboard the plane at Dulles, Harm is surprised to see Mac slipping into the seat next to him. When he objects, Mac tells him that he needs her, that he won't get far not being able to speak the language. In Moscow, when checking into the hotel, Harm & Mac learn they will have to share a room. Unable to sleep, they discover someone listening outside their door. It turns out to be Alexei, their cab driver that picked them up at the airport. Harm & Mac decide to go for dinner and as they start to get into Alexei's cab, they are surprised to find the man who impersonated Lt. Mark Falcon in Oakland ("Ghost Ship"). Falcon takes Harm & Mac to his office, working for the Federal Security Service. He tells them his real name is Maj. Sokol. He was raised in Texas when his parents were sent there to spy on NASA. He wants to know why they are in Russia, then tries to say that no Americans were brought to Russia. Harm gives Sokol/Falcon the KGB number and they leave. Back at the hotel, Harm & Mac run into Col. Parlovsky who warns them that they must leave Russia, that they are in grave danger. Maj. Sokol/Falcon meets with Harm & Mac in Red Square and hands the KGB dossier to Mac. She reads that the subject was transferred to a prison in Beloyka, where he escaped. Harm decides to go to Beloyka. But all flights, trains have been cancelled. Harm goes to the US Embassy & meets Hugh Blackadder who hands him a briefcase full of US money. Harm & Mac arrange with Alexei a ride in a MIG-29 to Beloyka. The pilot, though thinks he just taking them on a short ride. Harm knocks out the pilot and get in the pilots seat with Mac taking a seat in the rear. Alexei warns Harm not to go, that fighter planes will be waiting for him once airborne. Harm still goes. In the air, Mac is trying not to be sick, 2 fighter planes lock onto Harm's plane. Unarmed, he tries to out-fly them. With a missile inbound, Harm dives through the clouds and the scene freezes and we see, "To Be Continued."


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