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 227 episodes, 10 seasons
United States (1995-2005)
Canceled/Ended in 2005

Episode 47 of "JAG"
s03e10 People v. Rabb

Title: People v. Rabb

Original Air Date: 11/25/1997 on CBS

Plot Outline:

Harm meets with a Russian 'contact' in order to purchase documents that will prove his father was taken to Russia after being shot down in Vietnam. However, during the transaction, they are interrupted by a KGB agent, Col. Parlovsky who shoots & kills the Russian, then runs off as FBI agents show up, finding Harm over the body, with the gun & documents he wrestled away. As the FBI wants to hold him for the murder of the Russian, Adm. Chegwiggen manages to have Harm transferred to a military brig, and court-martialed, much to the dismay of the FBI agents. CIA agent Clayton Webb, knowing that it was Parlovsky, not Harm that committed the shooting, arranges for Harm to escape from custody in hopes Parlovsky will contact Harm. In the end, Parlovsky makes contact with Harm, but they both get away before Webb can catch them. Parlovsky tells Harm the documents were a fake and burns them. He then leaves, refusing to help clear Harm of the shooting. Harm turns himself back into military custody and when his JAG-appointed lawyer insists on pleading him guilty to a reduced charge, Harm fires her, replacing her with a civilian lawyer: Mac. Mac is then able to show that Harm wasn't guilty of the shooting and that the FBI failed to gather evidence at the scene of a third person. The court agrees and dismisses the charges. Mac then approaches the Admiral, requesting to be re-instated into the Marines & JAG. As it happens, her request for terminal leave ("Impact") was never processed, having stayed in his desk drawer. While the staff welcomes Mac back, Harm is handed a envelope from Russia. It shows a picture of his father taken with some other Russians -- on the back of the photo is written: "This one's for real." (Sets up the plot lines for the season ending cliff-hanger episode: To Russia With Love)


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