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 227 episodes, 10 seasons
United States (1995-2005)
Canceled/Ended in 2005

Episode 46 of "JAG"
s03e09 Impact

Title: Impact

Original Air Date: 11/18/1997 on CBS

Plot Outline:

Harm & Bud are sent to Twenty-nine Palms Marine Base to investigate the mid-air collision of 2 helicopters & subsequent crash of one helicopter which killed the pilot. Upon arrival at the crash site, they learn that the "other" aircraft was not another helicopter as was first thought. A piece of wreckage that is found that belongs to the "other" aircraft only deepens the mystery. When members of the Defense Security Division appear onscene with orders to take over the investigation and crash site, Harm becomes convinced that a major cover-up is in the works. The base commander, Col. Barrett gives Harm time to investigate further. When Harm & Bud are out driving the base at night, they see an unknown type aircraft flying above them and follows it, but are soon blocked by a fence over the road marking the property of the "Bradenhurst Corporation". Even though the signs indicated that "Deadly Force has been authorized", Harm crashes the gate to follow the aircraft, but they are both caught immediately by the company security team. Word of Harm & Bud trespass reaches all the way to Washington, DC. Col. Barrett is ordered to have Harm & Bud on the next available transport back to DC. Adm. Chegwiggen is ordered to pull his men as well. Harm tells Col. Barrett that they were following the aircraft believed to be involved in the collision and needs only another 24 hours. Col. Barrett advises the next transport is full, giving Harm his 24 hours. Harm sneaks onto the Bradenhurst Corporation property on foot and gets close to the main building, when he suddenly hears the unknown aircraft above him. As he is taking pictures from underneath it, he is suddenly hit with a sonic pulse knocking him unconcious. He wakes up inside the main building with Special Agent Palmer advising him that his career is over. As they are moving Harm, he grabs a mop and attacks Palmer escaping. He then finds the aircraft in a hangar, a secret new aircraft under development for the Defense Department. He is able to obtain a computer disk that has pictures and plans of the secret aircraft but is soon discovered. Escaping outdoors, Harm grabs a pickup left running and takes off cross-country with Palmer's security team in hot pursuit. Harm's tires are shot out and is forced to a stop. Palmer arrives asking where he hid the disk. When Harm refuses, Palmer punches Harm in the mouth. Palmer then draws his weapon on Harm threatening to shoot him. The "cavalry" in the form of Marine troops from the adjoining base come over the hill and Harm explains to Col. Barrett that he has evidence implicating the Bradenhurst Corporation in the collision and the death of a Marine. Col. Barrett states he is taking Harm into custody along with everything on his person. The security team, out-numbered withdraw, but not before Harm slugs Palmer back. Back in DC, Mac is further tempted as she meets the partners of Dalton's firm. They make her a generous offer and after some thought, she goes into see the Admiral with a request for terminal leave beginning on Monday. The Admiral at first is upset over the lack of notice being given, but tells her that she has been a credit to the Marines as well as JAG and will be missed. On her way out, she says her goodbyes, while looking for Harm. Once outside, she runs into Harm and while saying goodbye, Dalton comes to pick her up in his Porsche.


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