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 89 episodes, 4 seasons
United States (2002-2006)
Canceled/Ended in 2006

Episodes of "Everwood"

Season 1 :

s01e01   Pilot Episode
s01e02   The Great Doctor Brown
s01e03   Friendly Fire
s01e04   The Kissing Bridge
s01e05   Deer God
s01e06   The Doctor Is In
s01e07   We Hold These Truths
s01e08   Till Death Do Us Part
s01e09   Turf Wars
s01e10   Is There a Doctor in the House?
s01e11   A Thanksgiving Tale
s01e12   Vegetative State
s01e13   The Price of Fame
s01e14   Colin the Second
s01e15   Snow Job
s01e16   My Funny Valentine
s01e17   Everwood, Confidential
s01e18   The Unveiling
s01e19   The Miracle of Everwood
s01e20   Moonlight Sonata
s01e21   Episode 20
s01e22   Fear Itself
s01e23   Home

Season 2 :

s02e01   The Last of Summer
s02e02   Extra Ordinary
s02e03   My Brother's Keeper
s02e04   East Meets West
s02e05   Daddy's Little Girl
s02e06   Blind Faith
s02e07   Three Miners From Everwood
s02e08   The Burden of Truth
s02e09   Just Like in the Movies
s02e10   Unhappy Holidays
s02e11   Family Dynamics
s02e12   Controlling Interest
s02e13   Forget Me Not
s02e14   No Sure Thing
s02e15   The L Word
s02e16   Unspoken Truths
s02e17   Unfinished Business
s02e18   Last Looks
s02e19   Sick
s02e20   Do or Die
s02e21   Your Future Awaits
s02e22   The Day Is Done

Season 3 :

s03e01   For Every Action...
s03e02   ...There is a Reaction
s03e03   Staking Claim
s03e04   The Birds & the Batteries
s03e05   Sacrifice
s03e06   Shoot the Moon
s03e07   Best Laid Plans
s03e08   The Tipping Point
s03e09   The Reflex
s03e10   Need to Know
s03e11   Complex Guilt
s03e12   Giving Up the Girl
s03e13   The Perfect Day
s03e14   Since You've Been Gone
s03e15   Surprise
s03e16   A Moment in Manhattan
s03e17   Fate Accomplis
s03e18   Fallout
s03e19   Acceptance
s03e20   He Who Hesitates
s03e21   Oh The Places You'll Go
s03e22   Where the Heart Is

Season 4 :

s04e01   A Kiss to Build a Dream On
s04e02   The Next Step
s04e03   Put On A Happy Face
s04e04   Pieces of Me
s04e05   Connect Four
s04e06   Free Fall
s04e07   Pro Choice
s04e08   So Long, Farewell...
s04e09   Getting to Know You
s04e10   Ghosts
s04e11   Lost and Found
s04e12   You're a Good Man, Andy Brown
s04e13   An Ounce of Prevention
s04e14   Across the Lines
s04e15   The Land of Confusion
s04e16   Truth...
s04e17   All the Lonely People
s04e18   Enjoy the Ride
s04e19   Reckoning
s04e20   Goodbye Love
s04e21   Foreverwood (1)
s04e22   Foreverwood (2)


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