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  Desperate Housewives
 75 episodes, 4 seasons
United States (2004-????)
Returning Series

Episodes of "Desperate Housewives"

Season 1 :

s01e01   Pilot
s01e02   Ah, But Underneath
s01e03   Pretty Little Picture
s01e04   Who's that Woman?
s01e05   Come in, Stranger
s01e06   Running to Stand Still
s01e07   Anything You Can Do
s01e08   Guilty
s01e09   Suspicious Minds
s01e10   Come Back to Me
s01e11   Move On
s01e12   Every Day a Little Death
s01e13   Your Fault
s01e14   Love Is in the Air
s01e15   Impossible
s01e16   The Ladies Who Lunch
s01e17   There Won't Be Trumpets
s01e18   Children Will Listen
s01e19   Live Alone and Like It
s01e20   Fear No More
s01e21   Sunday in the Park with George
s01e22   Goodbye For Now
s01e23   One Wonderful Day

Season 2 :

s02e01   Next
s02e02   You Could Drive a Person Crazy
s02e03   You'll Never Get Away From Me
s02e04   My Heart Belongs To Daddy
s02e05   They Asked Me Why I Believe In You
s02e06   I Wish I Could Forget You
s02e07   Color and Light
s02e08   The Sun Won't Set
s02e09   That's Good, That's Bad
s02e10   Coming Home
s02e11   One More Kiss
s02e12   We're Gonna Be All Right
s02e13   There's Something About a War
s02e14   Silly People
s02e15   Thank You So Much
s02e16   There Is No Other Way
s02e17   Could I Leave You?
s02e18   Everybody Says Don't
s02e19   Don't Look at Me
s02e20   It Wasn't Meant to Happen
s02e21   I Know Things Now
s02e22   No One Is Alone
s02e23   Remember (1)
s02e24   Remember (2)

Season 3 :

s03e01   Listen To The Rain On The Roof
s03e02   It Takes Two
s03e03   A Weekend In The Country
s03e04   Like It Was
s03e05   Nice She Ain't
s03e06   Sweetheart, I Have To Confess
s03e07   Bang
s03e08   Children And Art
s03e09   Beautiful Girls
s03e10   The Miracle Song
s03e11   No Fits, No Fights, No Feuds
s03e12   Not While I'm Around
s03e13   Come Play Wiz Me
s03e14   I Remember That
s03e15   The Little Things You Do Together
s03e16   My Husband, the Pig
s03e17   Dress Big
s03e18   Liaisons
s03e19   God, That's Good
s03e20   Gossip
s03e21   Into the Woods
s03e22   What Would We Do Without You?
s03e23   Getting Married Today

Season 4 :

s04e01   Now You Know
s04e02   Smiles Of A Summer Night
s04e03   The Game
s04e04   TBA
s04e05   TBA


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