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  Sex and the city
 94 episodes, 6 seasons
United States (1998-2004)
Canceled/Ended in 2004

Episode 54 of "Sex and the city"
s04e06 Baby, Talk is Cheap

Title: Baby, Talk is Cheap

Original Air Date: 07/01/2001 on HBO

Director: Michael Spiller
Writer: Cindy Chupack

Guest Stars: Erica N. Tazel (Dance Teacher), Laura Stepp (Tricia Watson), John Bolger (Warren Dreyfous), Cody Arens (Martin Watson), Michael Knowles (Marathon Man), Alexandra Palmari (Mary Elizabeth), Jack Rovello (Hank), Erique Cruz DeJesus (Jose), Dudley Craig Demario (African Drummer), Tim McCray (African Drummer)

Plot Outline:

Carrie sends Aidan an email saying that she misses him and when he doesn't respond she decides to give him a call. They go out with Miranda and Steve and Carrie senses that Aidan wants a relationship too even though he tells her that he doesn't wan't a relationship. She pursues him anyways and they have sex. He later shows up again and they go walking the dog. Samantha attracted a man by using fake nipples but discovers that he's a big baby when she tells him to stop using baby talk during sex. Miranda meets a man who she dubs Marathon Man because he's training for a marathon. They have sex several and she's shocked when he performs analingus on her. She wonders if she has to reciprocate so she confers with Charlotte, Carrie and Samantha and they all tell that they've never done except for Charlotte who seems to find it acceptable because she's married. Charlotte and Trey try to have a baby but after having dinner with married friends and their children they decide to stop trying for a while.


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