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  Sex and the city
 94 episodes, 6 seasons
United States (1998-2004)
Canceled/Ended in 2004

Episode 2 of "Sex and the city"
s01e02 Models and Mortals

Title: Models and Mortals

Original Air Date: 06/06/1998 on HBO

Director: Alison Maclean
Writer: Darren Star

Guest Stars: James Hyde (Brad Fox), Josh Pais (Nick Waxler), David Andrew Macdonald (Greg), Sandra Daley (Deanne), Katie Finneran (Ellen), Andy Fowle (Dave), Emily Cline (Ashleigh B), Michelle Griffin (Misha), Amanda Harker (Marissa), Ryohei Hoshi (Korean grocer), Jo-Jo Lowe (Cassie Fields), Montse Viader (Xandrella), Alicia Tully Jensen (Yvette)

Plot Outline:

Miranda goes out with a guy and is told after dinner by two of his female friends that he's a modelizer, a man who only dates models. She tells Carrie and Carrie decides to write her next column on modelizers. She goes to see Barkley, another modelizer, and he tells her the secrets of dating models and then he shows her his collection of pornographic videos featuring himself and his many model conquests. She later goes to a fashion show with Samantha and Stanford and Stanford introduces her to a model client of his named Derrick. Barkley shows up and Carrie tells Samantha that he's a modelizer and that he videotapes his conquests but she doesn't care and she ends up in his video collection. Carrie bumps into Mr. Big again at the after-show party but ends up going home with Derrick. Stanford is jealous because he thinks she slept with him but when she tells him differently he says he knew he was gay. Skipper runs into Miranda at the store and asks her why she hasn't returned any of his calls. She comes up with an excuse and he tells her that he thinks she's luminous and they end up going back to her place.


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