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 35 episodes, 2 seasons
United States (2002-2004)
Canceled/Ended in 2004

Episode 15 of "Jeremiah"
s01e15 Ring of Truth

Title: Ring of Truth

Original Air Date: 06/07/2002 on Showtime

Director: Ken Girotti
Writer: Sam Egan

Plot Outline:

After receiving a message from Theo (from "The Long Road") saying she wants to "thank" Jeremiah and Kurdy for saving her life, they find themselves wrapped up in a world of sex, bare knuckled boxing matches, elephants, and mushrooms? After they arrive at the inn specified in the invite (after taking some hallucinogenic mushrooms), they find it's a cathouse and they've been given the run of the place. Jeremiah's "choice", Penny, wants him to fight in a bare-knuckle match for her freedom but Kurdy overhears that it's a plan to get revenge on Theo by killing them and takes Jeremiah's place. Kurdy manages to win and Polly has them take her to her daughter China at...a local circus (which explains the elephant). While Polly tries to deal with the fact her child's father doesn't want her to have contact with her child, Jeremiah helps recover the elephant and Polly decides to stay on as the circus decides to "go public."

Episode Pictures:

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