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 35 episodes, 2 seasons
United States (2002-2004)
Canceled/Ended in 2004

Episode 6 of "Jeremiah"
s01e06 The Bag

Title: The Bag

Original Air Date: 04/05/2002 on Showtime

Director: Michael Robison
Writer: Sam Egan

Plot Outline:

Reece, the son of a medical doctor, travels the land with his smooth-talking brother Jake rendering aid with the help of his father's medical bag. Purdy and Jeremiah are rendezvousing with an informant, Jimmy, and meet a man and his pregnant girlfriend--the girlfriend is having a troubled labor. Reece is pretty much bluffing it based on what he saw of his father and what is in the medical bag. When the bag is stolen by a gang, Reece is totally lost. Jeremiah tells him to get his act together while Purdy and a reluctant Jake go and get the bag and rescue Jimmy, who will need Reece's help as well. Reece puts together some crude acupuncture needles and helps the woman without the bag. Reece can't save Jimmy, who was a guinea pig for a vaccine against the Big Death...which may be coming back. He dies before he can tell Jeremiah anything useful. But his blood, with the vaccine, may prove useful.

Episode Pictures:

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