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 119 episodes, 6 seasons
United States (1992-1998)
Canceled/Ended in 1998

Episode 119 of "Highlander"
s06e13 Not To Be (2)

Title: Not To Be (2)

Original Air Date: 05/16/1998 on syndicated

Director: Dennis Berry
Writer: David Tynan

Guest Stars: Lisa Butler (Jillian O'Hara), Alexandra Vandernoot (Tessa), Olivier Vitran (Tom), Martin McDougall (Liam O'Rourke), David Hoskin (Andres Seguy), Eva Gord (Customer)

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Plot Outline:

Fitz died three hundred years ago... Horton has taken over the Watchers... Joe Dawson has been reduced to a bitter, penniless vagrant... Amanda is a black widow... and Methos has rejoined the Horsemen to avenge his fiance's death. If you think that's bad, just wait till you find out what's happened to Richie and Tessa.


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