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 119 episodes, 6 seasons
United States (1992-1998)
Canceled/Ended in 1998

Episode 35 of "Highlander"
s02e13 Bless the Child

Title: Bless the Child

Original Air Date: 01/29/1994 on syndicated

Director: Clay Borris
Writer: Martin Brossollet, Elizabeth Baxter

Guest Stars: Dean Wray (J.J.), Doug Abrahams (Luke Hoskins), Carolyn Dunn (Nora Fontaine), Ed Lauter (Avery Hoskins), Jon Cuthbert (Billy Hoskins), Johanna Wright (Margaret)

Plot Outline:

Richie wants to protect Laura Daniels, a young woman who's on the run from an Immortal bounty hunter, Mako. MacLeod has met Mako befoe and doesn't like his methods, but he knows the other man is lawful. He questions whether Laura is necessarily innocent. Richie doesn't care, he wants to help her anyway, no matter what it takes. MacLeod is torn between doing what's right and helping his friend. Richie defeats Mako and receives his first Quickening, and he and MacLeod realize it's time for him to move on.


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