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 119 episodes, 6 seasons
United States (1992-1998)
Canceled/Ended in 1998

Episode 24 of "Highlander"
s02e02 Studies in Light

Title: Studies in Light

Original Air Date: 10/09/1993 on syndicated

Director: Peter Ellis
Writer: Naomi Jansen

Guest Stars: Dwight McFee (Ray Holstrom), Patti Allan (Nurse), Sheila Moore (Linda Plager), Gillian Carfra (Young Linda), Shane Kelly (Jonathan), Mikal Dughi (Mother), Cayde Ritchie (Frightened Boy)

Plot Outline:

A fellow Immortal, Greg Powers, invites MacLeod to his photography showing. At the gallery, MacLeod becomes deeply disturbed by the violent images of his friend's work, but what becomes more disturbing than the fact that Greg's personality has been replaced by that of a hardened cynic. As he reviews Greg's work, he comes across a photograph taken of himself 50 years ago which triggers a flashback of a time he spent with a young photographer, Linda Plager. In a chance meeting, the now 73 year old Linda recognizes Duncan as her old mentor and lover of 50 years ago, which thoroughly convinces her nurse that she's senile. Upon learning that Linda is dying, MacLeod longs to tell her the truth. Meanwhile, Greg seduces Richie into his destructive lifestyle and coaxes Richie into a dangerous motorcycle stunt. After a confrontation with Macleod, Greg snaps...frustrated by his inability to feel any real emotion because of the insulation from death his immortality gives him, he attacks Richie, and Linda, then fights MacLeod on the roof of the hospital. Only when MacLeod's sword is inches from his neck does Greg break down and face the truth that he doesn't want to die.


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