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 119 episodes, 6 seasons
United States (1992-1998)
Canceled/Ended in 1998

Episode 6 of "Highlander"
s01e06 Bad Day in Building A

Title: Bad Day in Building A

Original Air Date: 11/07/1992 on syndicated

Director: Jorge Montesi
Writer: Kevin Droney

Guest Stars: Alfred E. Humphreys (Janitor), Bill Croft (Mancuso), Ken Kirzinger (Kirby), Gary Jones (Klein), Don MacKay (Stanley), Jay Brazeau (Commisioner Cominski), Duncan Fraser (SWAT Commander), Andrea Libman (Belinda), Vladmir Kulich (Pauling)

Plot Outline:

Tessa is furious over parking tickets she has recieved. When they get to the courthouse her and Richie enter while Duncan stays with the car. In the courtroom Slade has just been given a life sentence. Before he is taken away, a group of his men take over the building and take hostages, including Tessa and Richie. Outside, Duncan hears gunfire and heads inside, but is knocked unconscious when he tries to help. Slade demands a chopper. The chopper arrives, but with SWAT members so Slade shoots Duncan in front of a camera so Comminski has to watch. Duncan eventually regains consciousness and with the help of Belinda, Janitor's daughter, works his way around the building. Taking out any of Slade's group. When the chopper arrives Slade takes Tessa along, but runs into MacLeod. MacLeod proposes a duel. Slade loses and everyone is saved, but Duncan can't be seen because he was killed on camera.


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