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 119 episodes, 6 seasons
United States (1992-1998)
Canceled/Ended in 1998

Episode 3 of "Highlander"
s01e03 Road Not Taken

Title: Road Not Taken

Original Air Date: 10/17/1992 on syndicated

Director: Thomas J. Wright
Writer: Terry Nelson

Guest Stars: Paul Stafford (Officer #1), Lisa Bunting (Woman Hostage), Christianne Hirt (Angie), Kim Kondrashoff (Forks), Alan C. Peterson (Bartender), Dustin Nguyen (Chu Lin), Wendell Wright (Sergeant Powell)

Plot Outline:

A deadly herbal drug takes the life of Richie's friend, and MacLeod suspects the source of the drug is another Immortal, Kiem Sun, who has long sought to perfect such a drug and remove its lethal side effects for the betterment of mankind. But a disciple of Kiem Sun's is using the drug for his own gain, and MacLeod and his old friend must track him down. When it becomes clear that Kiem Sun plans to continue his experiments, MacLeod destroys the remaining sample of the drug.


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