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 119 episodes, 6 seasons
United States (1992-1998)
Canceled/Ended in 1998

Episode 2 of "Highlander"
s01e02 Family Tree

Title: Family Tree

Original Air Date: 10/10/1992 on syndicated

Director: Jorge Montesi
Writer: Kevin Droney

Guest Stars: Matthew Walker (Ian MacLeod), Aurelio Dinunzio (Security Guard), Walter Marsh (Mr. Stubbs), Tamsin Kelsey (Mrs. Gustafson), J.E. Freeman (Joe Scanlon), Jessica Van der Veen (Secretary), Mary McDonald (Old Peasant)

Plot Outline:

At a club, Joe is monitoring a craps table when he is pulled off by Clinch. Mrs.Gustafson explains to Joe that he is responsible for the 50 grand that was lost at the table and that he has five days to get the money. Clinch then breaks the pinky finger on Joe's right hand. Richie is trying to get his file at an orphanage to find his father. He gets down the stairwell before getting caught by the security guard. Duncan picks him up and Richie explains everything. Tessa and Duncan help Richie remember things about his parents and Richie remembers a post office next to the candy store he used to visit with, who he thinks is his mother. Richie remembers it so well that Tessa questions why he does. Richie explains that that is where she died. The next day Duncan and Richie go looking for the candy store and Mr. Stubbs. Richie eventually finds him and questions him about his father. Mr. Stubbs tells Richie that he still sees his father around and tells him where he was staying. Richie visits the place reluctantly and questions Joe. Joe refuses anybody living there but him and enters his apartment, but not without Richie giving him a business card. Right after Richie leaves, Clinch arrives and is about to break another finger when Joe tells him that the kid that was just there is rich and will give him the money. At the antique store Richie is confronted by Joe, who now claims to be his father. The next day the two hang out together and Joe lies about Richie's mom and other things. Duncan doesn't believe Joe and goes to his apartment only to find Clinch waiting. Duncan follows Clinch to the club and asks about Joe. Clinch attacks Duncan but is put down quickly. At the antique store, Richie's "dad" spends the night. In the morning Richie reveals that a gold mask was taken by Joe. Without Tessa and Duncan's knoledge Richie visits Joe's apartment and is taken by Clinch to Mrs. Gustafson's club. Joe arrives to help Richie and is soon joined by Duncan. Duncan beats down the two bouncers and leaves with the two. Back at the antique store, Richie informs Duncan that Joe has left the state and that the woman he went to the candy store was his foster mom.


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