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 23 episodes, 1 season
United States (2006-????)
Returning Series

Episode 10 of "Heroes"
s01e10 Six Months Ago

Title: Six Months Ago

Original Air Date: 11/27/2006 on NBC

Plot Outline:

As the clock turns back six months for all of the "Heroes," Mohinder's father Chandra Suresh arrives in New York to begin his quest to find individuals with extraordinary abilities, and meets someone all to eager to be special. Peter celebrates his graduation from nursing school, and learns that Nathan plans to prosecute a case that could mean trouble for the entire Petrelli family. A surprise visit from her father brings out the worst in Niki. Hiro attempts to be a hero and change the future for someone important. Claire joins the cheerleading squad and makes a curious discovery. H.R.G. (guest star Jack Coleman) and the Haitian meet someone special.

Episode Pictures:

Heroes photo 1 (episode s01e10) Heroes photo 2 (episode s01e10) Heroes photo 3 (episode s01e10) Heroes photo 4 (episode s01e10)
Heroes photo 5 (episode s01e10) Heroes photo 6 (episode s01e10) Heroes photo 7 (episode s01e10) Heroes photo 8 (episode s01e10)


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