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  Harsh Realm
 9 episodes, 1 season
United States (1999-????)

Episode 6 of "Harsh Realm"
s01e06 Three Percenters

Title: Three Percenters

Original Air Date: 04/28/2000 on FX

Director: David Sackhiem
Writer: Frank Spotnitz

Guest Stars: John Mese (Leader of "Three Percenters"), Ty Olsson (Republican guard), Ona Grauer (Pretty young woman), William MacDonald (Dusty Man), Jason Gray-Stanford (Lieutenant), Rachel Victoria (Little "Dusty" Girl), Alan C. Peterson), James Travis (Special Forces Soldier), Shannon Powell (Dusty Woman), Christopher Gora (Adjutant RTO)

Plot Outline:

On a mission to recover supplies from a lost squad of Santiago's soldiers - and with Waters and the Republican Guard hot on their heels - Hobbes encounters the three percenters, characters of Harsh Realm that were not meant to be created. The game designers of Harsh Realm had a three percent error rate which created disfunctional, angry characters. Hobbes, Pinocchio and Florence soon find themselves captives of the three percenters posing as a group of pacifists.

Episode Pictures:

Harsh Realm photo 1 (episode s01e06) Harsh Realm photo 2 (episode s01e06) Harsh Realm photo 3 (episode s01e06) Harsh Realm photo 4 (episode s01e06)
Harsh Realm photo 5 (episode s01e06) Harsh Realm photo 6 (episode s01e06) Harsh Realm photo 7 (episode s01e06) Harsh Realm photo 8 (episode s01e06)


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