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  Harsh Realm
 9 episodes, 1 season
United States (1999-????)

Episode 2 of "Harsh Realm"
s01e02 Leviathan

Title: Leviathan

Original Air Date: 10/15/1999 on Fox

Director: David Sackhiem
Writer: Chris Carter

Guest Stars: Connor Widdows (child #1), Mark Rolston (Bounty Hunter), Chilton Crane (Mrs. Cabot), Sarah Jane Redmond (Inga Fossa), Michael David Simms (Lt. Colonel Giovich), John Pyper-Ferguson (John Cabbot), Kate Luyben (May), Tyler Thompson (young man), Max Martini (Mel Waters), Robin Avery (Staff Assistant), Marcus Leros Hondro (Biggie), Zoe Stryd (child#2)

Plot Outline:

As Hobbes comes to grips with the reality of his situation, Mike Pinnochio is lured into a trap by a mercenary bounty hunter. Aided by the mute Florence, Hobbes goes in search of Pinnochio however gets captured himself in the process. The bounty hunter, behind the back of his female partner, cuts a deal with Santiago. In exchage for money, the bounty hunter wants access to the mythical portal that allows individuals access to both Harsh Realm and the real world. The Female bounty hunter senses something is going on behind her back and therefore helps Hobbes and Pinnochio escape. Meanwhile, in the real world, Hobbes's fiance doubts the circumstances surrounding his death. A woman named Inga Fossa hints to the fact that he is still alive and knows where he is and tells her that men like Hobbes have been reported to of been killed on missions but are still alive

Episode Pictures:

Harsh Realm photo 1 (episode s01e02) Harsh Realm photo 2 (episode s01e02) Harsh Realm photo 3 (episode s01e02) Harsh Realm photo 4 (episode s01e02)
Harsh Realm photo 5 (episode s01e02) Harsh Realm photo 6 (episode s01e02) Harsh Realm photo 7 (episode s01e02) Harsh Realm photo 8 (episode s01e02)


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