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  Harsh Realm
 9 episodes, 1 season
United States (1999-????)

Episode 1 of "Harsh Realm"
s01e01 Pilot

Title: Pilot

Original Air Date: 10/08/1999 on Fox

Director: Daniel Sackhiem
Writer: Chris Carter

Guest Stars: Ronald Selmour (Bartender), D. Neil Mark (Sentry), Robert Seckler (Doorman), Michael David Simms (Lt. Colonel Gilovitch), Kurt Max Runte (Unit Commander Forche), Sylvesta Stuart (Sgt. Peter McGonagle), Mark Houghton (3rd Officer), Russell Porter (Republican Guard Soldier), Lance Henriksen (Military Officer), Joe Vargas (Latino Man), Dmitro Krashnogolov (Bosnian Youth), Tassis Bitano (Young Bosnian Girl)

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Plot Outline:

After seeing the horrors of war in Sarajevo, Lt. Thomas F. Hobbes is ready to settle down with his fiance, Sophie. However the military has on last assignment for him, to test out Harsh Realm, a virtual reality created by the military for combat training. However once inside Harsh Realm, Hobbes soon finds himself fighting for his life, struggling to understand what is real and what is not. He forms an aliance with another soldier, Mike Pinochio, who is uninterested in helping this new recruit. But a mysterious woman named Florence believes that Hobbes is to be Harsh Realm's savior and will deliver the virtual characters from the oppresive reins of Omar Santiago, the military dictat who rules over Harsh Realm. Hobbes realises that the only way to escape Harsh Realm is to beat the highest scoring player, Santiago, who is unwilling to give up his kingdom. Hobbes's mission now is to escape Harsh Realm by any means necessary to return home to his fiance.

Episode Pictures:

Harsh Realm photo 1 (episode s01e01) Harsh Realm photo 2 (episode s01e01) Harsh Realm photo 3 (episode s01e01) Harsh Realm photo 4 (episode s01e01)
Harsh Realm photo 5 (episode s01e01) Harsh Realm photo 6 (episode s01e01) Harsh Realm photo 7 (episode s01e01) Harsh Realm photo 8 (episode s01e01)


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