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  Grounded for Life
 91 episodes, 5 seasons
United States (2001-2005)
Canceled/Ended in 2005

Episode 16 of "Grounded for Life"
s02e01 Baby, You Can't Drive My Car

Title: Baby, You Can't Drive My Car

Original Air Date: 09/01/2001 on Fox

Director: Ken Kwapis
Writer: Chris Kelly, Ned Goldreyer

Guest Stars: J.P. Manoux), Danny Masterson (Vince)

Plot Outline:

After the Finnerty's car is "stolen," Sean and Claudia excitedly look for a replacement car. Finally able to get a new car with the insurance money, Sean longingly eyes a sporty Probe and Claudia tries to talk him out of it. Meanwhile, Eddie tries to convince Sean and Claudia to add items to the insurance claim to jack up their pay-out Sean and Claudia debate the ethics of this and Claudia eventually convinces him to commit insurance fraud. Claudia discovers the spare keys to the car are missing. Just as she's about to call the police to report someone has stolen the keys from the house, Lily stops her. She confesses she took the keys so she and her boyfriend, Brad, can sit in the car and listen to a tape he made her. Sean and Claudia go easy on her because she came forward with the truth. However, their stripped car is returned to them by a tow truck -- the police have found it. Brad starts acting weird and the whole Finnerty family begin to grill him about what really happened to the car. During the interrogation Sean realizes Lily had more to do with the car disappearance than she's letting on. The truth comes out: Lily and Brad took the car to get burgers. While at the drive-thru she had an accident and broke the car's mirror and door off. Panciking, she calls Eddie for help. Eddie brings her to a chop shop run by his friend Anthony. While they are looking for parts, the car's back seat is stolen. Eddie replaces it with a futon. When they realize the car is too far damaged, Eddie suggests they just abandon it and pretend it was stolen. Lily is punished -- she will not be getting her learner's permit next year. When Sean and Eddie go back to the chop shop to get parts for the car, Sean is forced to pay $75 for his own back seat which has mysteriously turned up at the chop shop.


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