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 72 episodes, 5 seasons
United States (1999-2003)
Canceled/Ended in 2003

Episode 26 of "Futurama"
s02e17 Bender Gets Made

Title: Bender Gets Made

Original Air Date: 04/30/2000 on Fox

Director: Peter Avanzino
Writer: Eric Horsted

Plot Outline:

Bender finally has his chance to meet chef Elzar, his hero, as the Planet Express crew are guests in the audience of Elzar's cooking show. Bender makes a fool of himself, and inadvertently causes Leela to become temporarily blind. Elzar offers them a meal in his restaurant to repay Leela for what happened, but then sticks them with a $1200 bill that they cannot pay. To avoid jail, Bender volunteers to work off the debt. But when he meets members of the Robot Mafia, Bender decides that crime pays more, and joins their group. His job? Steal a shipment of Zuban cigars from a delivery ship to show his loyalty . . . the Planet Express ship. It's one wild ride from there!

Episode Pictures:

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