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 49 episodes, 3 seasons
United States (2005-????)
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Episode 35 of "Bones"
s02e13 The Girl in the Gator

Title: The Girl in the Gator

Plot Outline:

After Booth maliciously shoots a clown ornament on an ice cream truck, his gun is taken away and hes forced to meet with an FBI psychiatrist to prove hes mentally stable in order to get his gun back. That leaves Brennan headed to Florida on her own to investigate the death of a young college student whose body is found inside that of a dead alligator. Since Booth is out of commission for the time being, her FBI counterpart on the case is Agent Tim Sullivan (guest star Eddie McClintock, Desperate Housewives). Although hes easygoing, the two of them have communication problems and stylistic differences from the start and Brennan looks forward to when Booth will return to work. The alligator is shipped back to the Jeffersonian and the team determines the identity of the victim is young college student Judy Sloan, who disappeared several weeks before. As the Jeffersonian team works to unravel the circumstances surrounding the girls death, Brennan finds shes more charmed by Sullivan than she cares to admit. Meanwhile, Booth has several meetings with FBI psychiatrist Dr. Gordon Wyatt (guest star Stephen Fry), an Englishman with a unique approach to the situation who conducts their sessions in his backyard and assigns an unorthodox project to Booth, while surreptitiously getting him to talk about the potential reasons for his attack on the clown.

Episode Pictures:

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