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  Ally McBeal
 112 episodes, 5 seasons
United States (1997-2002)
Canceled/Ended in 2002

Episode 94 of "Ally McBeal"
s05e04 Fear of Flirting

Title: Fear of Flirting

Original Air Date: 11/19/2001 on FOX

Director: Greg Germann

Guest Stars: Lisa Renee Pitts (Bailiff), John Michael Higgins (Attorney/Therapist Steven Milter), Anita Barone (Attorney Sarah Werner), Sy Smith (Ikket #3), Vatrena King (Ikket #2), Robert John Morris (Mover), Mary Margaret Robinson (Foreperson)

Plot Outline:

Ally and Glenn continue their flirtation, which leads to their conscious avoidance of each other, which does not go unnoticed by the others at Cage and Fish. She insists he's too much of a “boy” for her, but continues to be attracted to him. He's drawn to her because she's a little older. Both use Jenny's feelings as an excuse to not date as well. John takes off for parts unknown, which worries the ladies of the firm, especially Nelle. Richard takes it in stride, and takes over John's abandoned hole off of the unisex. Raymond is sued by a former coworker for sexual harassment, and asks Jenny to represent him...

Episode Pictures:

Ally McBeal photo 1 (episode s05e04) Ally McBeal photo 2 (episode s05e04) Ally McBeal photo 3 (episode s05e04) Ally McBeal photo 4 (episode s05e04)
Ally McBeal photo 5 (episode s05e04) Ally McBeal photo 6 (episode s05e04) Ally McBeal photo 7 (episode s05e04) Ally McBeal photo 8 (episode s05e04)


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