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  Ally McBeal
 112 episodes, 5 seasons
United States (1997-2002)
Canceled/Ended in 2002

Episode 72 of "Ally McBeal"
s04e05 The Last Virgin

Title: The Last Virgin

Original Air Date: 11/20/2000 on FOX

Director: Bill D'Elia
Writer: David E. Kelley

Guest Stars: Kevin Cooney (Luke Pederson), Jami Gertz (Kimmy Bishop), Greta Sesheta (foreperson)

Plot Outline:

Kimmie comes to Cage & Fish looking to hire Ally. She's suing her old firm for wrongful termination. They fired her for being too puritan, and the opposite lawyer is Larry. Now Ally and Larry have to face each other in court. Meanwhile, Ally is nervous about her first kiss with Larry and seeks for advice with Ling, who demonstrate on John how a good kiss should go. This makes Richard insecure of himself, and Nelle tells him to find a theme song for himself. John looses the case to Larry, but he and Kimmie go out on a date.

Episode Pictures:

Ally McBeal photo 1 (episode s04e05) Ally McBeal photo 2 (episode s04e05) Ally McBeal photo 3 (episode s04e05) Ally McBeal photo 4 (episode s04e05)
Ally McBeal photo 5 (episode s04e05) Ally McBeal photo 6 (episode s04e05) Ally McBeal photo 7 (episode s04e05) Ally McBeal photo 8 (episode s04e05)


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