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  Veronica Mars
 64 episodes, 3 seasons
United States (2004-????)
Returning Series

Episode 1 of "Veronica Mars"
s01e01 Pilot

Title: Pilot

Original Air Date: 09/22/2004 on UPN

Director: Mark Piznarski
Writer: Rob Thomas (II)

Guest Stars: Duane Daniels (Vice Principal Clemmons), Chris Wiley (Band Dork), Tom McCafferty (Fireman Bill), Seraina Jacqueline (Inga), Linda Castro (Teacher #1), Annie Hinton (Judge), Elvin Lai (Favorite Band Sucks T-Shirt), Patrick Wolfe (Hector), Kirk Fogg (District Attorney), Benito Paje (Phuong), Randy Seidman (Clown), Ruth Stehle (Mrs. White), Jonathan Chesner (Corny), Mark Styles (Boy at Keyboard), Zac Henry (Mouth), Nicole Monica (Dance Team Advisor), David E. Taylor (Steve), Amber Ojeda (Cat in the Hat Raver), Heather Brittany (Pep Squadder), Joshua Levine (Pencil-Necked Geek), Scott Barry (Tony)

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Plot Outline:

Veronica's junior year at Neptune High gets off to a rocky start as she is targeted by the P.C.H. Biker Gang for helping a snitch who later becomes one of her best friends. Meanwhile, her dad, Keith, defies Veronica to investigate Jake Kane, a local billionaire and father of Duncan Kane, her ex-boyfriend. Ignoring his orders, she makes a shocking discovery about her family's past.

Episode Pictures:

Veronica Mars photo 1 (episode s01e01) Veronica Mars photo 2 (episode s01e01) Veronica Mars photo 3 (episode s01e01) Veronica Mars photo 4 (episode s01e01)
Veronica Mars photo 5 (episode s01e01) Veronica Mars photo 6 (episode s01e01) Veronica Mars photo 7 (episode s01e01) Veronica Mars photo 8 (episode s01e01)


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