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 227 episodes, 10 seasons
United States (1995-2005)
Canceled/Ended in 2005

Episode 156 of "JAG"
s07e22 Defending His Honor

Title: Defending His Honor

Original Air Date: 05/07/2002 on CBS

Plot Outline:

Harm, Mac & the Admiral return to the office from the USS Seahawk after finishing up with the military tribunal. The office staff is very happy to see the Admiral back in charge, after having to deal with Lt. Singer while he was gone, with Harriet making sure the Admiral knows how "happy" they are. Their joy is short-lived however, when they learn that respected Navy JAG Judge, Captain Sebring is charged with having causing an another vehicle off the road which injured the female driver & killing her 6-month old daughter. Harm is given the task of defending him, while Mac is ordered into the uncomfortable position of prosecuting him. Seeing Mac's dilemma, Cmdr. Turner offers to sit second-chair with her, so that she won't be alone. Lt. Singer overhears Harm & Mac discussing Bud & Harriet and learns that Bud doesn't know Harriet has bought a house, while Bud hasn't told Harriet about PO Coates. Seizing the chance while Harriet is sending instant messages to Bud, Lt. Singer sends Bud a message congratulating him on the purchase of the house. Not through though, Lt. Singer also tells Harriet about PO Coates. Harm & Mac make it clear to Lt. Singer that she had better keep her nose out of other people's personal lives. During the course of the courtmartial, Harm learns that the female driver suffered from post-partum depression and under questioning from Harm, gets her to admit that she deliberately swerved off the road to kill her baby, thus resulting in the charges against Captain Sebring to be dropped. Meanwhile, Webb meets up with Harm's Russian friend, Captain Volkonov and learns that Kabir Atef has passed money to a decorated Russian Naval Captain for a job, but the details are still not clear, other than an attack that is being planned against the US military. Kabir drops the Russian Captain off in Afghanistan, then heads off on foot into Iran. Webb is shown photos of him heading off into Iran, but is left wondering as to what he is up to. Harriet & Bud agree to be more forthcoming with each other and not hold any secrets.


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