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 227 episodes, 10 seasons
United States (1995-2005)
Canceled/Ended in 2005

Episode 140 of "JAG"
s07e06 Redemption

Title: Redemption

Original Air Date: 10/30/2001 on CBS

Plot Outline:

**October 20, 2001** While filling in at Patuxent River for pilots that have been deployed overseas, Harm learns his friend, Cmdr. Scott Webster is being charged with fraternization with his RIO. Harm is granted permission to search his clients computer for any communication with his RIO which could be used against him. Cmdr. Webster receives a call that his son has been arrested for speeding & freeing to elude. Cmdr. Webster leaves Harm alone at the house while he picks up his son. Going through the hard drive, Harm discovers information that he might be considering selling national secrets, but attorney-client privilege prevents Harm from disclosing that information and his client does not wish to discuss it. When a sample of a highly secret stelth coating turns up missing, Harm reveals the protected information relating to what he knows about the missing stealth technology - and as a result, a report is filed with Adm. Chegwidden to determine whether the report was a ethics violation. Harm is given a short time to figure out what has really occurred, or face disciplinary action that could end his career. Harm drives all the way back to DC to meet with Mac to get her advice on whether to blow the whistle. She tells him what he already knows -- that without clear evidence, he would be guilty of abusing attorney-client priviledge, which would end his career. Harm is able to clear his friend of the fraterization charge, but has doubts about his friend. Harm discovers that the girlfriend of Cmdr. Webster's son is also a key employee at the company who was wanting to buy the secret technology. It turns out that his son was trying to impress his girlfriend, so he was the one who had stolen the secret technology. Cmdr. Webster had discovered this and wanting to protect his son, he refused to turn him in, which made him just as responsible. Since Cmdr. Webster was partially responsible, Harm is cleared of the ethics violation - but just barely. Since Cmdr. Webster refused to turn in his son to keep his family together (since his wife had recently passed away), his career in the Navy is still over. Harm tells him that when one door closes, another one opens, suggesting that maybe he should explore his relationship with his RIO - now that they are free to be together. Mac represents a female officer wishing to obtain sanctuary from her husband for physically abusing their child, although its a tough sell as the husband happens to be his own counsel. There doesn't seem to be enough evidence to prevent joint custody until the husband attacks Lt. Sims at the JAG offices, mistakenly thinking she is responsible for hiding his child.


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