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 227 episodes, 10 seasons
United States (1995-2005)
Canceled/Ended in 2005

Episode 132 of "JAG"
s06e22 Lifeline

Title: Lifeline

Original Air Date: 05/08/2001 on CBS

Plot Outline:

Harm & Mac square off in court over a charge of illegal fraternization, but when they oral arguments become directed at each other & reflecting their own relationship, Judge Helfman recesses the court for the day with a strong admonishment to the both of them. All the staff shows up at Admiral Chegwidden's house for Mic & Mac's engagement party. Lt. Singer shows up in a knock-out of a dress which stuns the Admiral for a moment, not used to seeing her in civilian clothes. Bud shows up dress properly for once, but Harriet notices after arriving that he has peanut butter on his tie. Bud is mortified trying to get a tie from anyone, without much luck. Later, he is forced to remove his jacket when wine gets spilled all over him. Even more mortified, Bud feels desperately out-dressed. Throughout the evening, Mac reminisces with the Admiral about past events involving the both of them. When Harm & Mac spend time together alone discussing their relationship, flashbacks recall various events that have either kept them together and/or apart - including Harm's continual indecision over his feelings toward Mac. With Harriet as Mac's matron of honour, Mac asks the Admiral if he would be willing to give her away at the wedding. Mic & Renee begin to feel "left-out" as they notice Harm & Mac going out on the balcony once again to discuss their relationship. Toward the end of the night, Admiral Chegwidden announces to everyone that Harriet has received her promotion to full Lieutenant -- when she asks Bud if he knew about this, he replies (standing in an apron) that he did, which is why he had become all dressed up for. As everyone is happy for Harriet, everyone applauds, the Admiral says its time to cut the cake. And as the camera fades, we notice that Harm & Mac, who are standing next to each other, have their hands a little too close to one each other.


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