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 227 episodes, 10 seasons
United States (1995-2005)
Canceled/Ended in 2005

Episode 28 of "JAG"
s02e06 Trinity

Title: Trinity

Original Air Date: 02/07/1997 on CBS

Plot Outline:

Harm & Mac are sent to Belfast, Ireland when the child of Navy Lieutenant Nivens suddenly turns up missing and a note left behind indicates it was taken by Lorcan Barnes of the Irish Republican Army (IRA), who also happens to be the child's father. Arriving in Belfast, Harm & Mac are immediately at odds with the Royal Police, when they suggest "negotiating" with the IRA for return of the baby. Not finding much help, they go and search out the IRA on their own. Directed to a bar & told to ask for a particular type of beer. While playing darts, a man showing Mac the proper way to throw a dart whispers in her ear to go to an abandoned storefront. With the Royal Police tailing them, Harm and the baby's mother risk going to the storefront, while Mac boards a bus and leads the Police away from Harm. Once at the storefront, Harm is knocked unconscious and taken downstairs. He is then interoggated by a member of the IRA who we learn is Barnes. He doesn't believe the child has been kidnapped and when he finally accepts he has, he asks Lt. Nivens why she would believe that he would do something like that. Told that a love poem, written by Barnes to Lt. Nivens was left in the crib, he becomes enraged. While in a Royal Prison, Barnes said he repeated those words he had written over & over to keep himself focused. Harm believes that the Royal Police themselves kidnapped the baby and devises a way to know for sure. Harm has Lt. Nivens go to the US Embassy to wait for them. With Mac kept at the offices of the Royal Police a note passed to her under a cup of tea directs her to tells Inspector Hutchinson that the baby has Lyme Disease and needs to be treated soon. The Inspector says that he will do all he can to find the baby in time. The Inspector makes a call and a sample of the baby's blood makes it to a lab. A technician makes a note of the address where it came from and notifies Barnes. Barnes & Harm immediately head to the address to rescue the baby. At Royal Police HQ, the Insp. Hutchinson learns that the Lyme Disease test was a ruse and realizes his plan has been discovered. He directs his colleague to "get rid of all evidence", which includes the baby. At the residence, the police members realize they can't kill the baby, instead taking it just as the IRA shows up. As a red light delays the police leaving the scene, they are spotted by Harm, who rams his vehicle into the police vehicle. Barnes soon joins up and a firefight ensues between the IRA members & the police, with the IRA getting control of the baby. Sirens sounding in the background forces Barnes to make a choice. He chooses to stay & fight, but not before giving the baby to Harm with direction to get the baby safely to the US Embassy. Harm rushes off and he & Mac get to the embassy just as Inspector Hutchinson arrives. After flashing their ID's to the Marine Guard, they order the Marine to open the gate & let them in. When Inspector Hutchinson tries to intervene, the Marine levels his weapon at the Inspector through the gate. Harm & Mac enter the embassy and reunite Lt. Nivens with her baby. At the airport heading back to the USA, Harm, Mac & Lt. Nivens all wonder what has become of Lorcan Barnes, trying to remain positive. Lt. Nivens sings an Irish lullaby to her baby, taught to her by Barnes.


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